Saturday, February 13, 2010

Shhhh, don't tell

This is what I've got in store for breakfast tomorrow. Can you believe it? Home made cinnamon buns. Seriously, call me Suzy. Can't wait to see how they turn out, cooked golden brown, drizzled with a topping. Mmmmmm, hope I can wait.

I also made these for the kids and Barry. We're a music family. We're crazy about music, all of us. (Mason has already requested an ipod for his birthday). We all sing along, the kids know the lyrics to so many songs, it's kind of scary. And to hear there sweet little voices singing along when we're in the car... Too cute. A favorite right now, is Fireflies by Owl City. So I think they'll be a hit, because they do look just like ipods and are hiding one of there favorite candy, Sweethearts.
Also, my honey came home this afternoon with these! For me, his sweetheart. Aren't I such a lucky girl? These are my very favorite flowers. I'm so impressed this happened BEFORE Valentine's Day actually arrived.

This is what the kids took to their schools on Wednesday to hand out to classmates. I thought it was totally cute idea. I don't remember where I found it, somewhere on the net, but they turned out great.

Tomorrow we'll be having Cinnamon Buns for breakfast, and there will be heart-y things going on. Perhaps we'll make and decorate some heart cookies. We'll be doing our annual heart shaped pizza tomorrow evening. Don't know whether we'll go out, or bring it in. I'm not over indulging in the candy this year. Enough is enough...

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