Friday, January 29, 2010

A Mere Few Days Away...

The 6th and Final season of one of my all time favorite shows is set to premiere a mere 4 days from now.

In case you don't know the show I'm referring to, is abc's LOST. I watched the very first "pilot" episode back in October of 2004. I was pregnant with Madelyn, because when I was preggy I was in bed early. Very early (Barry fondly looks back to the time of great sleep, when I scooted off to bed any time after 9 pm). After all, I had a 2 year old, and worked p/t. So by the time night arrived, I could barely remember who I was. I remember sitting in bed one night, flipping through channels and became absolutely MESMERIZED by this horrific plane crash. [Which is now lovingly referred to as the crash of Oceanic 815]. I tried to get Barry to watch, but he wouldn't. I think he uttered things along the lines of "I don't want to be a slave to the TV..." I watched week after week and was scared, thrilled, unbelieving, excited. I could barely wait to see the clip or spoiler of the upcoming weeks episode. That clip held me over for the entire week.

Then a wonderful thing happened. They began to replay the series, and Barry quite by accident, saw the now infamous plane crash. He saw the pilot yanked out a window by something eerie and mysterious. There were these intense scenes, that even got HIS attention. There was blood. There was gore. There was something quite sinister, that creeped us both out. Before he could even help himself, he was hooked too.

We've been faithful fans for the past 5 years. We've waited very patiently the last few seasons, as the premieres didn't start until January... [Not that we were at all happy about it] We waited through a writers strike. We have been disappointed with reruns. We've been a part of message boards. We've tried to figure out the show. We've tried to NOT figure out the show. And now, our patience is being rewarded.

Tuesday night, we'll be sitting glued in front of the telly, as the season premiere for the 6th and Final Season of LOST begins (and ultimately ends). I'm beyond thrilled to finally find out what the heck is going on, and sad that it will be coming to an end. LOST has been our TV date night, and it's going to take something BIG to replace this show. I won't worry now, about what our replacement is going to be (after all, we do manage the other 8 months of the year without it). I'm looking forward to a big old bowl of popcorn, and some answered questions. And who knows, maybe we'll get back onto those message boards and try and figure the whole thing out!

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