Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's April 1st, I think the joke is on us...

I know, it’s boring, it’s tiring, it’s redundant, it’s complaining, and it’s getting really old… But let’s talk about the weather.

Out of the 4 weekends in March, there were snow storms during 3 of them. We have more snow, at the end of March, than we have had all winter long. I have 2 kids that love, and I mean LOVE playing out in the snow, and Madelyn actually said to me this morning, “I’m tired of winter Mummy”. Amen to that sister! Who ever says that they AREN'T tired of winter is lying… Heck, I’m sure even the skiers are looking forward to the season wrap up.

What is that in like a lion out like a lamb thing any way? Don’t they say that? And April showers bring May flowers? Yeah right… I don’t know where they’re talking about, but I think I might like to move to that mystery place.

We woke up to yet more snow today, and it’s April 1st. It was only 5 centimeters or so, big deal some might say… But, it IS a big deal. A mean joke played on us all! And the poor little migratory birds that are heading back and literally freezing to death. Poor little robin red breasts, wondering I’m sure, why they call Calgary home. (As they should be) It just shouldn’t be this cold at the beginning of April. And that arctic wind… Sheesh, don’t even get me started about the arctic wind. I seriously wonder if the news channel weather guys ever fear for their lives. I realize they can't control it, but they do predict it...

In past years I have actually begun to wear Capri pants starting April 1st. Not this year… My Sorels are at the front of the closet, and they’re still getting regular use! Maybe this year would have been a good year for Ugg boots after all. Guess what, that’s officially the FIRST ITEM ON MY 2009 Christmas wish list. Yay for me. I’m tired of being cold all the time. My furnace is tired of me being cold all the time. I think I've actually worn out sweat pants and slippers. I’ve drank my weight in tea, in the month of March alone. I want to feel the hot sun on my face, and start to shed outer layers. I want this desperately.

I’m so ready for spring to be here. The very thought of Mason’s soccer schedule beginning within the next 3 wks, w/all the snow we have outside… Well, it makes me wonder if I haven't made a very big mistake this year. (It was nicer in February, when I registered him for soccer, than it is now) I'm trying to be optimistic. I would LOVE to sit outside in a lawn chair with a gentle breeze blowing, while the kids run around in shorts and tee-shirts. A realistic version of it however is parkas, mitts, toques, sweatpants, wind pants, long sleeves, hoodies, blankets... Indeed... I HAVE made a mistake this year. Wonder if I can get a refund?

Check out the snowbanks, that are taller than my children, and the snow fort in our back yard. What a great dad he is… And I’m pretty sure he feels the same way about the weather I do. After all, the quicker it warms up, the quicker he’ll be playing golf!

They are leaning on the snow, but even when they weren't, the snow is much taller than they are!

The 3 of 'em, all cozy in their snow fort.

Believe it or not, holds 1 adult and 2 children!

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