Thursday, March 26, 2009

Another Year Older

It seems so funny to me, that as an adult, your birthday comes and goes, and it's a fun day, you KNOW there will be cake, and phone calls, and if you're lucky some birthday cards. Somehow though, if just doesn't have the grandness that the kids birthdays do, and the kids just don't understand that.

Their birthdays are a totally different story. We work up to those for weeks, planning, deciding, coming up with themes, sending out invites. Concocting cake plans and crafts that are age appropriate, compiling invite lists and running from store to store to pick up last minute things. And I LOVE how every year, we come up with a theme, that is NEVER popular, sometimes it's down right impossible to find the things I want. I then have to adapt or compromise my plans/ideas. I occasionally luck out going down to the states, and pick stuff up and haul it back home. They have party supplies stores, that pale in comparison to anything I've ever seen here. And I love how after I've come home, with my suitcase full of cups, plates, napkins, balloons, table clothes as if I don't have anything better to bring home from Kohls' or TJMaxx... Then, typically within a few months of the party, I start to find the things I previously I couldn't find ANYWHERE in Canada. He's had 6 great birthday parties and of all these bdays, I've only cheated and bought a store-bought cake for the first 2. The rest I've laboured over, here are the cakes I've created so far:

Mason's 3rd Birthday, Thomas the Tank Engine

Maddy's 1st Birthday - Polka Dot Theme

Mason's 4th Birthday - Rescue Heroes

Maddy's 2nd Birthday - Ladybug Theme

Mason's 5th Birthday, Arrrrrr Pirate party

Madelyn's 3rd Birthday - Princess Theme, there was a disaster in the kitchen, thankfully I was able to salvage a few cupcakes. (A tip I discovered, don't wait until the morning of the party, to try something new...Yowser...)

Last but not least - Mason's 6th Birthday STAR WARS
So when my birthday arrived, they wanted to know 'where are your balloons' and 'when are your friends coming over' and 'don't you get presents'? They were certain that I should have a princess themed party, and that all my friends should arrive. (Little do they know I AM having a party, and my friends WILL be arriving, but they WON'T be here to participate...)
My party theme this year was white cake w/white icing... In fact, I even requested rum cake for dinner at M&D's place. Mmmmm, yummy. And I will be having some friends over for appies and drinks, and laughs and fun, and then I'll be laying low on the bdays...
So this years theme requests are as follows:

Madelyn wants a My Little Pony theme this year. And I lucked out, because I stumbled across plates, and cups at Zellers! Woooohoooo!

Mason's request is going to be slightly trickier... This year he wants an Indiana Jones theme. He hasn't seen the movie/s (or he'd never sleep in his own room again) He has a couple of Lego sets that are Indiana Jones, and on the Lego website they show snippets of the themes of the movies that are lego animated. And it's pretty cute when he wanders around the house saying, "Snakes, I hate snakes..." So this theme is definitely going to be require some imagination. But it's so much fun! And it means so much to the kids. Those cakes, which make me kind of laugh, are EVERYTHING to the two little kids that live with me. To them the are pretty impressive and I guess that's what being a Mum is all about!

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