Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

Can you believe we spent Earth Day in a blizzard?

Well, not a blizzard actually, because I think the temperature has to be below a certain number before it's called an actual blizzard. Let me put today's weather in perspective for you. Today, the arctic wind was howling from the north, snow was (and still is at 10 pm) blowing sideways, road conditions are dreadful, and we heard the word windchill on the radio. If you'd heard THAT on the news anytime during November, December, January, February and even March, you'd have yourself a blizzard. You'd be snuggled up at home, not going out, maybe even enjoying yourself a 'snow day'. You might have a cup of tea or make cookies, or even light a fire in the fireplace and listen to the crackling wood. But when you have these conditions on April 22nd, and it's not cold enough to be called a blizzard, and the day before the lawn got raked and sweet pea seeds got planted.... Well, by the end of April, and within hours we've got 1/2 a foot of snow accumulated I have to tell you, I'm choked. I knew it would happen. Let's face it, Canadians don't put their snow shovels away. Ever. But I thought maybe we were done w/the snow gear. Not to mention I'm driving through the mountains tomorrow, where it should be even more lovely on gross roads. So, wish me luck. And hopefully the white stuff won't stick around too long.

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