Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Girls Weekend Get Away

I had the most fabulous weekend, with the most fantastic girls. We had so much fun! It turned out better than any of us could have imagined, under the circumstances. A little background information... Every spring, a group of us do a scrapbooking retreat, there's usually quite a few of us, between 10 - 14. This year, our group slowly dwindled down to 6. There are too many unforeseen circumstances that can come up when you're a Mom to little ones! Four nights before we were to leave, I got the phone call, that the place we were heading to, had been double booked... That she was terribly sorry, but wasn't able to accommodate our group of 6. Talk about disappointing. We were even planning to go an extra day this year, something we'd never done in the past. With a few phone calls, and a scurry of activity, one of my BFF's booked this place. I'm still not sure how we managed to score so great on such short notice, but we did, and it was FABULOUS! In the end, 5 of us ended going. We ate, we joked, we laughed, we scrapped, we cried, we watched movies, we laughed more, we ate more. It couldn't have been more fun. There is NOTHING like the feeling of going to bed with a sore belly from laughing as hard as we did. We even managed to sneak an hour massage into the equation, all 5 of us! Talk about dreamy.

I am sorry to report however, that even with our extra added day, time STILL went by too quickly. Now we're thinking Fairmont might be our yearly outing, and who knows, maybe we could swing a week next time? LOL! I don't imagine too many of our hubby's would go for that one! But maybe we'll try and sneak even one extra day next time!

I just can't believe how unbelievably lucky I am, to have these women in my life. I can't imagine not having people like this to share my life with. I am very blessed indeed.

Aren't we all so fancy in our jeans and black tops, almost as though we co-ordinated this! The picture also indicates the weather was pleasant, and it was, but as we drove back to Calgary, we drove through rain, snow, sleet, hail... The conditions just got worse and worse, and at times we were driving in almost white-out conditions. I'm happy to say we made it back safely, and big glass of red wine was consumed once I got home.

I HAD to take this picture yesterday. Madelyn picked some dandelions, and how these little buggers grow, I don't know, since there is STILL snow on the ground. But she came across them, picked them and insisted they be put in a little vase. When I came back into the kitchen, she'd lined up these toys in front of the sink, because as she said, "they're all gathered to look at the most beautiful flowers". To have the army guys AND her MLP (my little ponies) is exactly who she is! Priceless!

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