Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter and Such

I’ve kind of been a roll with the blogging, and then all of a sudden, fell off the wagon. Why? I don’t know… Sometimes it seems a little bit monotonous to keep up to date the on-goings that are so very every day at our house.

It’s now the middle of April, and I don’t know where the time has gone. Easter came and left, and the kids were delighted to have a decent weekend. Good Friday was nice, and we went to Butterfield Acres to do an Egg Hunt. It was our first time visiting the farm, and the kids LOVED IT! It was great to see them and gather Easter Eggs, (they had to collect as many eggs as how old they were) and then put them down chutes into the Easter Bunnies workshop in the ground. The had so much fun. They got to plant some seeds, that are actually on my counter beginning to grow! There were things to play on, there were all the animals to interact with. I think we expected to be in and out fairly quickly, and 2 and a ½ hours later we were looking at our watches, saying, “Gee, guys I think it’s time to head out”. The kids want to go back again, our opinion is that it would be a wonderful place to take their grandparents for the afternoon! Tee,hee,hee!
My very favorite picture in this collage, is the one Barry took while he was standing in the 'pig pen' with the piglets, looking down... They were SO cute, and no one was in visiting them... So he went in to visit, and in an instant they were all over him! Needless to say, he was covered in mud from the knees down...

Sunday morning was exciting of course, because there was a lot of debating as to whether the bunny would leave treats or not... He didn’t disappoint. (The bunny just doesn't have the same clout Santa does) At our house the chocolate high began around 7:30 am, with a trail of chocolates from their bedrooms to the family room. To be honest, the candy consumption was a bit on the "down low" this year, but they got some great treats. New books, a new spring coat each and a new game each for their Leapster. They spent a lot of time on the couch, together of course, each playing their new games.

I cooked dinner for my family, my parents and brother. It was yummy. We had ham with raisin sauce. I made a delish white and sweet scalloped potato dish. We had Broccoli salad, which I love; though Bar doesn’t share quite the same zest for it. It's one of those salads you make when there's more than 2 of you eating it, because it makes a lot, but only lasts a day. Sweet Ama arrived with a veggie dish and dessert. Check out this cake…

Do you think the kids were excited? Having said that, both were dismayed to see the jelly beans on the cake. Mace announced that jelly beans made him puke, and Mad said she was allergic to them… I'm not sure when this all happened, but for some reason they're both off jelly beans. News to me! They did however, very much enjoy the pieces of cake with licorice on them.
This past week was busy. We’ve got one more week of swim lessons and 1 more week of skating lessons. The weather is trying to warm up, but the arctic wind just doesn't help. Having said that; I’ve brought Capri pants out (even though I’m shivering) my intention is to let Mother Nature know I’m ready for spring to begin. I have sweet pea seeds soaking and ready to be planted… I’m ready for the new cycle of life to begin…
Yesterday I took this picture of the kids on the couch. Mason came home from school and read her 3 of his Magic School Bus books. His reading is so amazing, and she'll sit and listen, as long as he's willing to sit and read. So sweet to watch. Love these two.

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