Sunday, May 3, 2009

Little Birthday Girl

My baby turned 4. There was a time that I quite smartly said, “I have a 1 and 4 year old”. Now my youngest, my little baby, is the one turning 4. It’s bitter sweet of course. There are so many things she can do on her own (IF she chooses to do it on her own that is). We’re at such a great place. We don’t need to bring anything with us when we go out, except perhaps for our ‘restaurant bag’ filled with paper, crayons and coloring books. I don’t need to bother with bottles, baby food, cheerios, diapers, bibs, or a change of clothes, that’s all a thing of the past. The VERY distant past in fact.

I’m relieved, yet at the same time incredibly melancholy about it. When I was a young girl, we used to get the Consumer’s Distributing Catalogue, (indeed I dated myself there) I used to sit and look through that catalogue for hours at a time. It was similar to Sears in that you picked out items and ordered them at the store. I used to look through the kids stuff, and pick out the cribs I’d buy. I imagined the change table, high chair and baby swing I would have. Bottle warmers, bath tubs, kid’s toys… As a young girl, I LOVED to look through that stuff. Even now, when the Baby days sale flyer's come out, I can’t stop myself from checking out the new strollers, car seats, baby jungle gyms. It’s just what I do. I had no idea, how fleeting all that stuff would be, in the whole scheme of things. I suppose it’s a little bit similar to morning sickness. When you have it, it feels like you won’t survive another day, but the moment it’s gone, I could be heard saying “It wasn’t that bad…” Crikey, how short the memory is.

When Mason was a baby, nearly 7 years ago, we bought some really cool things. Brand new matching Evenflo stroller and bucket seat (and as a matter of fact, we do still use the stroller on occasion) We bought that years ‘must haves’ the baby Bjorn carrier was one. Not for the faint of heart… That little number set you back about $140. We proudly carried both our infants in those, but not long enough. They really only last you a year, if you’re lucky. They hold up to 25 lbs, so lucky little Madelyn got hauled around in it a bit longer than her brother. But then they start walking, and you sadly put the baby Bjorn away.

Now you can get all types of slings, and I’m intrigued by them. How does do they work? Are they comfortable? Does baby like it? These little gems have now become the crème-de-la crème of 2009. In only 7 years, all the ‘it’ stuff has become passé. And I’ll miss out on all the new trends, and I just feel sad about it.

I can just see the day my kids have their own kids, and I greet them with my baby Bjorn carrier(because OF COURSE I haven't got rid of it) “Here, try this, baby will love it”. Oh Mum… they’ll say exasperated, eyes rolling into the back of their heads.

Now that nearly all my baby stuff is gone, I’m in mourning. I don't suppose I happened to mention that my now 4 YEAR OLD daughter is still in her crib? Before you call protective services, we did get a bed; we just need to pick up a mattress for it. Apparently a double isn’t as easy as going into Sleep Country and saying ‘that one”. We need to special order it. Who knew? Guaranteed, she’ll be in her bed by the end of summer. LOL. Imagine my post when the crib is gone from our lives. I might need to be sedated...

I’m hoping to hold onto babyhood for one more year, by purchasing her one last pair of Robeez. Keep your fingers crossed that I can get a pair big enough. I'll even let her pick out the design!

So the birthday girl is now 4. She had a great day, with her friends.

She's wearing a little frock that used to belong to me!

Believe it or not, both girls were born on the same day, and the little boy is only 6 wks older! Yes, he actually is THAT tall!

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