Thursday, March 8, 2018

PL2018 - Weeks 5 & 6

These couple of weeks have of an usual amount of photos of Mason. 

He's 15. Enough said. He doesn't pose for the camera the way he used to. 

On a side note, last week I went through a some snippets of videos I had taken when the kids were much younger. I had my first digital camera, and there was functionality to actually take short videos. It's was so great to stumble across them. I'm thankful I have those little memories, and am attempting to learn iMovie, so I can hopefully do something with them. 

I know I've said this before, but I'll say it again. I love having all these documented photos and stories. LOVE IT. But when looking back at them, it's like you're life is just going by at super sonic speed...  

Here are a couple more weeks from my project life album. It's coming right along. 

Week 5:

  • Miss Libby in one of her favourite 'see all' spots in the house. 
  • Mason at hockey.
  • A Tim Horton's donut date, he's off school between semesters, so he's been around the house more. 
  • Home made donuts, that were pretty darn good. [Next I was told, should be chocolate]
  • An outtake in the ringette dressing room. Barry forgot his stick at a practice, and came to the next practice to find it totally 'bedazzled' with hockey tape and all the girls signed the stick. 
  • Reading and hot chocolate. She has a cup of hot chocolate every day after school.
  • Watching the snow fall with Libby. 

Week 6:

  • Mason has been practicing playing his guitar more lately.
  • Hanging out and playing Minecraft, the bonus, Miss Libby snuggles. 
  • Preparing for Valentine's Day, these peanut butter blossom cookies are awesome. 
  • Mason's before and after... Braces are gone! So exciting!
  • A car selfie with my boy. His first request once the braces came off, was for bubble gum. So we went and picked some out. [I think he chewed the whole pack that first afternoon]

The following Sahlin Studio product was used:

Week 5
Beginnings Elements
Beginnings - journal cards

Week 6  

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