Thursday, March 22, 2018

PL2018 - Week 7

Oops! Forgot to hit publish on this one!

Here is week 7 of this years project life album. 

  • 'Fancy-ing' up the table for Valentine's Day. 
  • A visit to the pet store and Madelyn loving on every single creature in the place.                   This one happened to be a ferret. 
  • Valentine's Day Minion treats for the kids. 
  • Libby watches TV. Actually watches it. I loved that I caught a picture of her watching a miniature Schnauzer during the Westminster Dog show.
  • I was a time keeper for one of Madelyn's play off games. Stressful...
  • What this photo doesn't show, is all the strobe lights flashing, because the fire alarm got pulled. Sorry to have missed that, while the boys were at their hockey tourney [not].
  • Miss Libby LOVES ice-cream... And gets a bit silly about it. She usually gets some, and that's why she's acting like that. Insisting she get some...

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