Monday, August 1, 2011

WITL - Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Sunday - A quiet, no kid breakfast. Some quiet reading time on the patio. Mum and my freshly pedicured feet. Buffalo Chicken Dip for a BBQ at a friends house. Both kids, riding their bikes around the bike path. Both are getting more and more confident. Mason took a spill, but got right back up, shook it off, and did get on his bike again. I was hoping that Madelyn would see some of the other kids without training wheels and be a little bit more excited to try it herself. We'll see what the future holds.

And this ends the week of picture taking for A Week in the Life. I've put some of the pages together already. I have more to do. Looking forward to getting it all finished and put together.

Saturday - Making pancakes with Daddy. They were very good. Love all the fresh fruit at this time of year. My little non-fiction loving boy... He's spent hours pouring over this book. Shadows in the sun! Date night, a movie [Horrible Bosses] and a bite to eat!

Friday - This is what it looks like outside at 5:59 am. It's light, sun just peeking up... Birds are busy, it's not my usual getting up time. A trip to Costco after dropping the kids off at the Park 'n Play. We had a power outage that lasted from 2 - 6 pm [time not showing on microwave] Little girl having her filthy park feet washed. This is the storm that was brewing in our neck of the woods... It was more than kind of scary looking. For some reason, it missed us completely. [The little town north of us, Airdrie, didn't fair as well. Apparently they got a ton of hail damage.]

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