Wednesday, August 10, 2011

11 on the 11th - August 11, 2011

1. When the alarm goes off in the morning [and this week it's gone off every morning at 6:42...Eek] it's much darker than it was a month ago. Already we're headed toward the longest day of the year... I just love summer.

2. The kids were in camps last week, and again this week. So far they're loving it. I mentioned something to Mason the other day, about the Park 'n Play camps being in an area close to us next week... He very gently said "Mummy, I think I've had enough camps..." Well said, little buddy, well said.

3. This morning, our yard was alive with Waxwings. They're such an exotic looking bird.

4. Madelyn is on 2 wheels!

5. If you can wait until the 11th of August, to do any planting, EVERYTHING is on sale. Up to 60% off. You can get a ginormous planter for $10.

6. As we near the middle of August, I wish we had another 2 months stretching out before us. I've enjoyed time with the kids and time alone while the kids were at camps.

7. Corn on the cob was on sale, I picked up extra ears and made this refreshing salad. It's got corn, red peppers, tomato, cilantro, lime juice and olive oil. It was very tasty.

8. I could eat an egg salad sandwich for lunch, every. single. day. I don't joke about this, I could. It's nice though when you have it at someone else's house once in awhile, it always tastes better when someone else makes it.

9. Tonight we celebrated Baba's birthday. Happy Birthday Baba!

10. Full moon is coming up on Saturday. Our moonlight walks have not taken off at all this year. First of all, winter is not that much fun to walk in. And the weather is a huge factor. Believe it or not, most to the full moon nights have been over cast, or dreadful weather-wise. One thing we have done a lot more this year though, is spend time at Nose Hill. Can't wait until both kids can ride their bikes up!

11. It's getting darker much earlier in the evening. Noticeably so. How sad. And I'm not ready to think about 'back to school' stuff. I'm grateful to just write a cheque to the school and not have to worry about supplies.

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