Friday, August 5, 2011

Month in Photos Catch Up

My intention this year, was to keep up to date [at least monthly] with my favourite photos from each month. Rebecca Cooper offered her handy-dandy templates here. I realized, that I have completed a few of the previous months layouts, but for some reason they didn't get posted on my blog. I find it hard to narrow it down to a just a few pictures, and then when I look at the favourite pictures, most of them I have already posted individually on my blog. In any case, I'm half way through the year, so I might as well keep going!

Here they are:

1. Daddy helping Mason with his slap shot. 2. Madelyn and I celebrating Gigi's 94th Birthday. 3. Madelyn loving Gigi's wiggly arm skin. 4. Reading this book to me, actually reading it! 5. Trip to the zoo to see that new baby giraffe. 6. Our little gymnast. 7. Silly Bandz boy [they were Star Wars, he was in heaven] 8. Little girl, cleaning up the batter. 9. Mace racing his Cub Car. 10. Mason helping shovel snow off the back deck. 11. Looking the part of a hockey player. 12. I crocheted a cup cozy.

1. Miss Maddy G turns 6. 2. Glasses for Mad's party. 3. Birthday cake. 4. A little charm of Chip or Dale [Madelyn's favourite] though I can never remember who's who. 5. Our shadow family. 6. Mason playing his home made flute. [Many thanks to Baba that helped Mason make it] 7. Me and my kids on Mother's Day. 8. Blooming crocus on Nose Hill. 9. The paper cranes, hanging in the atrium at school. This was a grade 3 initiative to raise money to help the Tsunami victims of Japan. 10. The kids up at Nose Hill. 11. Madelyn with curls in her hair, she requested this 'do' on her birthday.

1. Little bug girl, note the pink nail polish. 2. A rainy day fort. 3. Lego man head sugar cookies I made for Mason's birthday party. 4. Mason totally lost in the 1st Percy Jackson novel. 5. Ama & Baba and the kids, downtown after Madelyn's dance recital. 6. Barry and the kids on Father's Day. 7. Getting a surprise birthday smooch from his adoring sister. 8. Birthday Donut Cake! This was a huge hit, because he doesn't really like cake all that much [whose kid is he?] 9. He's 9. 10. Macy and his Momma. 11. Two very excited little people on the last day of school.

1. Jeff and Lisa, newly married. 2. The happy couple [their outdoor wedding was SO beautiful] 3. Mason at the lake, devouring the 2nd Percy Jackson novel. 4. Barry and I, all dressed up fancy for the wedding. 5. Our family picture at the lake. Chris got to come and spend a few days with us this year. 6. The little diva sunning herself. 7. Mason playing in the sand [and yes he knows his shirt is on backwards and he doesn't care] 8. A picture of me out in the boat... 9. Macy and Ama on the river. 10. Maddy and Baba on the river. 11. Yes, she has a milk moustache, but I love this picture anyway.

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