Saturday, August 6, 2011

Weird and Wacky Weather

Yesterday we had another wild storm rage through Calgary. The sky was dark, I'll give it that, but it wasn't freaky looking or anything. Last week, they sky looked dark, ominous and scary, and it went right past us with nothing but a bit of wind... Here's a look at last weeks sky:

This seemingly innocent looking sky, hit us good. Later, we found out that around 5 pm or so, there was storm advisory issued for Calgary. I have NEVER seen it rain like that before. [Don't we always say that?] But it poured, for over an hour. There was so much rain and lightening [I try to be brave in front of the kids] The kids took cover in the basement, but it happened right during dinner, so we did sit at the kitchen table. The rain cascaded off our roof, below Madelyn is watching, you can see the stream of water coming off the roof. [Later we found our door leaking... We took baseboards off, and the dry was was soaking wet... NOT a good sign] Obviously water got in somewhere...

Madelyn watching the rain pour down.

Our drainage canal in the back yard was a raging river.

Upon closing kids bedroom windows, we discovered this bedroom window leaking... And I'm not sure leaking is the right word. Every time we moped it up, more just seeped in behind. We soaked a number of towels. This people, is not a good sign. Two in one storm, not good.

This picture isn't great, because the windows were wet, but our street looked like a river. Thank heaven's we're on a slight hill. Beddington Trail was filled with up to waist deep water in some places.
There was so much hail, that our gutters backed up. Again, the picture isn't great, but every seam in the trough had water shooting straight up. It was crazy. I looked for pictures on the web, but the only one I could find was this:

Let's keep our fingers crossed that we're done with these wacky storms.

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