Monday, May 16, 2011

Windy...Oh so Windy

Spring has arrived, I think. I'm not kidding. After enduring our winter, month after month of snow and cold, we're all too happy to see it arrive. The reason I say I think it's arrived, is because of one thing. The wind. We had 2 days last week, two glorious sunny, wind-free days, that had us all smiling at one another, saying things like "at last", "it's about time" and "finally." Last week, as I stood on the golf course, around the 14th hole the wind started to blow. And by blow, I don't mean a nice gentle breeze. No, I mean the wind began to howl. Every living thing took cover. Flags are ripp'in in the wind. Dust is flying in the wind. Debris is everywhere. We have shingles from our roof in our backyard. [As well as a piece of fascia.... Believe me, that's not something you're too pleased to find]

I am SICK AND TIRED of my wind chimes, that usually leave me with such peaceful feeling. [I imagine my neighbors too, are tired of my wind chimes] It's been windy in the morning. It's been windy all day. It's been windy all night. Oh. My. Word. The wind... In the winter, they give us a temperature, for example, -17° and then they say, "with the windchill, that makes it -25° outside, so bundle up..." But now, with these dreadful winds, not a single word about windchill... [And if it was a wind from the Caribbean, perhaps it would be nice, but no... It feels like it's right out of the arctic]

Last week, we took a walk up to Nose Hill. [Bundle up, we did indeed] This year, our spring is late. While I was driving up 14th Street last week, I spied them. Crocuses... One of the first flowers of spring. They're so lovely, and so fleeting. They don't last very long, so I knew if I wanted to capture them, we'd have to bite the bullet and go. Here's a few pictures of them, and believe it or not, even with the wind, I got a few decent shots.

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