Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Thoughts

A Few Random Things I've Learned about Being a Mother

1. Once you have children, it feels as though the earth suddenly begins to spin faster. Days, weeks and months melt into one another, and all of a sudden, you're looking at your kids baby pictures in tears.

2. In the middle of the night, you hear your child cough, that cough, [the one they do RIGHT BEFORE THEY BARF] and a chill goes up and down your spine, because you KNOW you won't make it to their room on time.

3. A silent house, really is bliss. [And you apologize to your own mother for umpteen years of eye rolls when she came home from work and turned the stereo off]

4. All you want to do, is make everything okay. Forever. You don't ever want your kids to get their feelings hurt, or hearts broken. [And again, you realize how much your Mother loved you through those 'heart break' years]

5. When you first had kids, you assumed it would be easy... You watched others with kids, and you were judgmental. Now with a number of years as a Mum under my belt, I can't believe how hard this job is, and I will often resort to anything that will help me out, including bribery.

6. ALWAYS expect the worst case scenario. [And if they don't puke on the plane, it's a bonus] But always assume they will. [Mason rarely disappoints us in this aspect, no matter how much Gravol he's had, or how close to landing we are...]

7. Kids have this amazing ability to forget the argument we had as we left the house, and come home with open arms and kisses. It's important for me to not hold a grudge. When I asked Madelyn this weekend what she'd change about me if she could, she looked up at me honestly and said "Nothing Mummy"

8. I think it's really important to say positive things, and point out great qualities in my kids when I'm talking about them, but not to them. I know they can hear me, and I hope they know that I totally think they rock. [I admit I fall a bit short on this with Miss Maddy... She could use a bit more encouragement I'm sure]

9. Getting pictures and notes that say I Love You, never gets old.

10. The best times we have, are in the ordinary moments of day to day. Most of the time we're too busy thinking ahead about the groceries we need, or laundry that needs to be done. An over due trip to Costco, or next weeks meal plan. We keep waiting for 'the right moment' when the right moment is right now. Being a Mum has made me realize that my kids love spending time with me, doing nothing. Or playing a game, or reading a book. [I don't get down on the floor and play with toys] But baking cookies, or teaching Mason how to peel carrots, those are the special ordinary times that I think mean a lot to us, without even realizing that they do. How magical is that?

Those are my thoughts on Motherhood. To my Mum, thank you for being the best Mum to me and Chris. For teaching me, how to be a good Mum to my kids, by example.

We had a fun photo shoot tonight. I've never taken pictures specifically on Mother's Day before. We used the remote and had fun. On the right hand side, Madelyn got a hold of the remote, and started snapping pictures like crazy. It was fun. These are the silly times where memories are made.

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