Wednesday, May 11, 2011

11 on the 11th of May 2011...[with a twist]

Remember there was some talk awhile back, about 2011 being the year of me? I can't remember if I blogged about that or not, but it seems to me I did. One of the things I wanted to do this year for me, was join a ladies golf league. Well guess what, mission accomplished. Last night was my first night out and I didn't even embarrass myself [well not too much any way] That being said, today I'm exhausted... It was a bit overwhelming to jump right into 18 holes of golf AND walk the course... Today I'm feeling it. Every muscle on me is tender, even pouring coffee this morning hurt a little tiny bit. A little out of shape? Well that's a given, consider I do next to NOTHING in the way of exercise [Have I mentioned how grateful I am to live in a 2 story house? That's my form of exercise people] So today, I am tired. When I realized it was the 11th of May, I just knew I didn't have it in me to do my usual 11 on the 11th. So I changed it up. This month, in honour of Madelyn's 6th birthday, I asked her 11 questions, and here were her responses:

1. If you could have any Super power, what would it be? Flying
2. What's your favourite song? Dynamite -by Taio Cruz
3. How do you get to school? the car
4. What your favourite lunch? Muffin Tin Lunch
5. Where do you want to go on vacation? Arizona
6. What's your favourite fruit? Watermelon and strawberries
7. What's your favourite TV show? Toopy and Binoo
8. What's your favourite day of the week? Monday
9. Name two things you can't live without: Giraffee and my new dancing dog
10. What's the best age to be and why? 6. You can do different stuff and you can do more big kids stuff, because you're getting older.
11. What do you and your brother fight about? Playing on the Wii

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