Tuesday, September 14, 2010

On my Nightstand

I am reading this book right now. And it's HILARIOUS... I mean, I think it's hilarious... Others may not agree. It is certainly not for the weak. It is rude and crude and FULL of swear words, but I reiterate, HILARIOUS.

I took it with me this afternoon to Madelyn's first tap dance class. I had to bring Mason with me, so he brought a book of his own. I had to be very careful how I read it beside him, because of all the vulgar language... [I didn't know what it was about, honestly... I read a recommendation from someone and thought it sounded worth my time] By the time I figured out the content was a bit dicey, I was 2 pages in and completely HOOKED.

As we sat in the waiting room at the dance studio, I had the book cracked open just a smidgen while I read it. I certainly didn't want him glancing over and asking me what the F-word meant in a room full of people. And I'm going to be completely honest here, I don't know whether he knows that word or not... I am not completely naive... I assume he does... He takes the bus for Pete's sake. But then again, it's not quite the route I want to go with my 8 year old. I just can't quite see how that conversation would start... Perhaps along the lines of :"Hey Mace, what swear words do you know?" And THEN, if he says to me, "Mum, what are swear words?" Well, I've gotten myself into quite a pickle haven't I? No siree, this ONE TIME, I'm doing the head in the sand trick and hope he doesn't know or USE any inappropriate words.

Any who.... As we sat in the waiting room of the dance studio, both of us reading, I burst out laughing. He looked up, rolled his eyes at me and said "You're embarrassing me..."

It took 8 years. And now I embarrass him... I suppose next he'll be calling me Mum and want a cell phone to text.

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