Saturday, September 11, 2010

10 on the 11th - September 2010

1. The Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte is available. I love this drink, and it's offered for a limited time. I order mine 1/2 sweet, which I think is half a pump of the sweetener, and I like it much better than the original version. I have only had one of these yummy concoctions so far this season. And I have to say, I'm intrigued by the Toffee Mocha. I might have to try that one too. In fact, it might be this afternoon.

2. Speaking of fall... It's arriving. Sometimes one might look forward to fall, after a HOT summer. The types of summers you lie in bed at night, SWELTERING... Thinking, c'mon breeze, pick up! This year however, we didn't have a hot summer. We haven't had sweltering nights. The guys on the news a few nights ago were joking, but being serious, that our 15° temperature was like a heat-wave in Calgary. I've been in jeans, hoodies and socks for a month already.

3. I tried to have an 'electronic free' weekend. And we lasted until noon on Saturday. A sad state when a little boy forgets that he can read, instead of moping around the house saying "I'm so bored".

4. Batman, or rather Batgirl, has stopped by for a visit this morning. Attempting to go through and eliminate some 'dress up clothes' can't be done with kids around.

5. I have spent WAY too much time on the computer lately, in regards to scrapbooking. I fear I'll wake up one morning with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.

6. Yesterday the kids had their first "organizational day" at school. This means, that after 3 full days, they had a day off. I'm grumpy because I let my 5 year old dictate what our day would be. I wanted to take the kids to a movie, but Madelyn was scared to go and see it. Since I was by myself, if I had to leave the theater with her, how would that work out? Didn't seem fair to Mason. So, we didn't go. Then she refused to get dressed, so we ended up doing nothing... And I know... I KNOW I'm the boss, but if you've ever taken a 5 year old having a tantrum anywhere, you'd understand sometimes it's just a little easier to submit to some things, and do nothing. But I was still foul all day long...

7. We have to pull all our plants out and clean up our front and back yards. And, since I'm STILL waiting for summer to come, it makes me feel bad. [I will try my DARNEDEST to stop complaining about it soon]. Maybe my husband will surprise me with a spur of the moment, tropical vacation...

8. We have found Kijiji. And we are selling stuff. Or should I say Barry is selling stuff. I take pictures, and send them his way, but he's just too good at saying "No, I won't take $10 less than the price I quoted. I'll take the price I quoted." I on the other hand, tend to 'give stuff away'. I don't do well when we have garage sales either.

9. Madelyn and I made cupcakes on Thursday afternoon. The cupcakes are just plain vanilla, and then, to switch things around a bit, I made a peanut butter icing. Mmmmmmmm... Barry and I thought they were delicious, and a nice taste change [at least that's what i assume we both thought when there was so much ooohing and ahhhing coming from us both] Believe it or not, my kids weren't crazy about the peanut butter taste. Who's kids are they any way?

10. Mason starts his Shinny Hockey program tomorrow. I hope he has a good time. It was funny to see him all dressed up in his gear... Brought a tear to my eye to be honest. Funny THAT brings a tear to my eye, and sending my daughter to Kindergarten, NOTHING.

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