Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Event

Watching a new TV show. The jury is still out, whether or not we're going to commit to this new series. It's called The Event. [NBC - Monday nights]

We watched the first episode last week, and the 2nd episode last night. I am totally confused. Of course, I'm sorry that LOST is finished, but it is, and I'm moving on. I don't know whether this show is trying to get those loyal LOST viewers to follow along, but in the first 2 shows there has been a: disappearance, a kidnapping, a murder, a hostage situation, an almost plane crash, a plane disappearance, along with a flashing brilliant light/explosion, a meeting of would you call them, Others.... [No, they don't call them that, but I think I might] There have been flash forwards and flashbacks... years, months, days... [I had a hard time keeping them straight] There has been a plane crash, a rescue, though it turns out the rescue went very, very badly.... [it would seem that perhaps it was not a rescue at all]. There has been talk of electro magnetic fields [any of this sound somewhat familiar?] There is the existence of extra terrestrials [with a 1% different DNA than human beings]. There are infiltrators...[living amongst us, and they thought they'd captured them all...] There has been a murder. There has been a set up or frame. It would seem there are good guys and bad guys, and there are 'aliens'. Are some good and some bad? Not quite sure.

Now, on the bright side, Blair Underwood, as President Elias Martinez, is not tough to look at. And Jason Ritter, who plays Sean Walker [one of the main characters] isn't so bad himself, although he looks about 18 to me... I may give it another week... Because I want to be entertained, I just don't want to have to stare at my TV scared to miss vital information, which is what happens with so many flashbacks and present time scenarios. The grabber at the end of this show, was the desert full of dead people [that were alive when Sean made his escape] The captain of the plane that crashed {that moments ago was heading STRAIGHT for the ground, in Florida but is now crashed in the Arizona desert} grabbed Sean and pulled him close giving him the "Nothing is as it seems, you can't TRUST ANYONE, run, go! Get away, NOW" quote. So I'm curious why they're all dead...

So it looks like, we have a new Monday night show. For a little while any way.

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