Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Us

This weekend, we celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary. Wow. Married for 12 years, in a row. Sometimes it feels like we've been together a lifetime. Other times it feels like just yesterday. [Though, in all honesty, when I look at those baby faces in those wedding pictures, it's quite clear it wasn't just yesterday...]

This weekend, we were lucky enough to get invited to a beautiful wedding in Lake Louise. I have to say, we took full advantage. We went up a day early, so were were able to have some time just the 2 of us together. We got a 'night out' in the hotel pub, and took full advantage of a) not paying a babysitter $8/hour [Thanks Mum & Dad] and b) not having to get up with kids first thing Saturday morning. We got to connect just the two of us, and I can tell you this, we don't do it often enough.

1998 was indeed a popular year for weddings. I think we went to 5 weddings throughout the spring/summer and then had our own in the fall. After that, things slowed down quite a bit. We've only been to a handful of weddings over the years, so this wedding, on our very anniversary weekend, was the perfect way to celebrate.

I love going to weddings. I love the actual ceremony part. Listening to 2 people who love each other, recite their vows, and promise themselves to one another. I love hearing what the minister or Justice of the Peace have to say. I love hearing about the symbol of eternal love that the wedding ring stands for.

Another bonus about the wedding, was it being held at Lake Louise. Holy breath-taking Batman. I'm embarrassed to admit, that I've lived my entire life in Calgary, and I had never before seen the Chateau or lake at Lake Louise. [The Lake Louise ski resort has always been my favorite, and I've skied there tons over the years] I've just never ventured up the other side of the mountain, until this weekend.

Saturday morning, we went for a little walk, and surprise, surprise, I took some pictures. I brought our tripod with us, so we could have a few shots of us together. And you know what, yes, I did feel like a dork setting up my tripod, then setting the self-timer, then running back to stand with Barry. But guess what... I have pictures of us together... So there.

The day started off cloudy, but then the sun began to burn the clouds off, and believe it or not, under all those clouds, was blue ski and the sun... Who knew... The wedding itself in the afternoon, ended up being outside. It was perfect. I didn't bring my camera to the wedding, which I was okay with. Some friends of ours got a picture of Barry and I dressed up all fancy. I'm hoping they send us a copy. We ate great food, drank great drinks, and partied until we shut the place down. It was a fabulous weekend.

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