Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Full Moon Walk

We had our 2nd Full Moon Walk this past weekend. This time we actually walked. Last month, the mosquito's were SO BAD, I feared the kids would be carried away. This month, they weren't bad and there was a slight breeze to keep them at bay.

We went back to Nose Hill. A different part of Nose Hill. Here's a little bit of Nose Hill trivia. It is surrounded on all sides, by 12 residential communities. It's over 11 square kilometers, in the middle of the city! There are hiking trails, paved bike trails and designated off-leash areas. It's lovely, and I hate to admit that we rarely utilize this gem, situated a mere 5 minutes from our front door.

It was a perfect evening to head out, after a near perfect day, weather-wise. We noticed some eerie cloud formations to the north of the city. It turns out, it was a pretty serious system, the weather people called it a Mesocyclone, also known as a 'nursery for tornado's. Eeks... Thankfully, it stayed well to the north of Calgary. There were some awesome pictures sent in from some communities north of the city. And if it was eerie for us, I can't imagine what those people must have felt like. The pictures actually gave me chills. [If I saw a cloud formation like that, I'd have been in a bathtub with a mattress on top of me] Needless to say, I dreamt about tornado's that night, and spent the better part of the night evaluating our emergency plan... I'm considering having Barry build us a storm cellar in the back yard, I don't know if he'll go for it though.

But enough about the freaky weather. We had a great hike up the hill, we watched the sun set on the west, and the moon rise on the east. We saw the spooky mesocyclone, and watched the light show within it. We went home and put two extremely tired kids to bed.

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