Friday, July 2, 2010

Parties Over for Another Year

We had Mason's birthday party this week, at a local hotel with a water slide. The kids had a BLAST, and it was out of the house yet again! That's 2 for 2 people. I may never have another at home birthday again... Well, that's not true, I know it as I type it. But it was sure a treat. The nice thing too, was there were only 6 kids [including Mason and Madelyn]. It made watching the pool that much easier. I can't remember if I posted Mason's final birthday invite... I was pretty pleased with myself. The Pokemon thing around this house is still going strong, so I tried to make his invitation look like a Pokemon trading card, and I have to say, he was pretty pleased with the outcome. [and if the truth be told, so was I]

They played hard for an hour, then ate hot dogs, fries, nachos and cake, then played hard for another hour. It was perfect. Here are a few pictures from Mason's party.

We had a very quiet Canada Day yesterday. The weather cooled off quite a bit. We made a few last minute stops to get holiday stuff ready. You can never have enough sunscreen! We're headed off on vacation this weekend. Looking forward to a nice quiet getaway. We're hoping it will be a nice quiet getaway... I am PRAYING we don't have a repeat of last year...

Nothing but sunshine and beaches in our future, fingers crossed! I'll be able to post holiday photos upon my return! Who knows, I might even manage a post or two while we're away, thanks to Barry's laptop!

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