Friday, July 23, 2010

Trip Highlights - 2010

Trip Highlights

- On our way we used the new car dvd player... There was no construction, no puking kids, there was only the quiet and Barry and I looking at one another in disbelief. Sweet.

- We went out in the boat every single day [except for 2 rainy days]

- I read 5 books...

- There were very late nights for the kids [which included glow sticks and mosquito bites] and very late morning sleep ins.

- The kids both wore their life jackets and swam out to the raft all by themselves. Well, Mason took Madelyn, she never actually went alone (too little yet). But I did trust her to go with him. Mason went back and forth so many times a day.

- Water slides in Salmon Arm, they haven't changed a bit, since I was a kid, which was a good thing, because going down them made me feel like a kid again.

- Mason finally wanting to go over the wake or the 'banish line' in the tube. The smile on his face was priceless.

- Lazy afternoons at Turtle Bay, jumping off the boat, floating, swimming and most importantly, snacking.

- Fresh in-season fruit, right from the source!

- Beach, beach, beach, every day to the beach.

- Campfires and s'mores... Messy, but oh so tasty and good.

- Hide & Seek with all the kids at dusk, sometimes in the dark.

-BOTH kids getting up on water skis. Mace had done so before, but Madelyn was determined to do it as well, and she did.

-A trip by boat up to Margaret Falls, to check out the waterfall.

-The kids got to spend a WHOLE WEEK with their friends, through the year we're lucky to see them once per month.

-Floating down the river.

-DS time for Mason every morning, and on rainy days too! Mason was in a state of bliss for sure. [Though his mean Mum wouldn't let him play as much as he would have liked to]

- Corn on the Cob.... Mmmmmmmmm....

-Eating almost every meal outside. We just don't do this at home very often. We should do it more.

- The Caramel Apple Pie at Demille's.

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