Saturday, July 10, 2010

10 on the 10th - July 2010

1. Everything seems better on vacation.

2. The days go too quickly on vacation (seriously, you wake up, have coffee, go to the beach, come back up for lunch, go out in the boat, have snacks, do some tubbing, have a few happy hour drinks and before you know it, it's nearly 7 pm and you still have to feed the kids supper)

3. I'm not the sun girl I used to be... I can sit in the sun for an hour (properly spf'd up of course) and before you know it, I'm looking to move my chair into the shade.

4. Sunscreen REALLY works.

5. Happy hour drinks taste so much better when it's 32 degrees outside.

6. It's a rare 2 weeks of the year, that we let the kids run the show. There are hardly any restrictions placed on them (except the obvious ones such as, always wear your life jackets in the water, don't play on the road) When we get home, we need to ween our kids off the freedom they have at the 'lake'.

7. I don't care what anyone says, the waterslides are NOT only for kids. ;-)

8. I love to read. And I've been reading a lot. I love that my kids don't need my complete undivided attention. It's taken me 8 years to get here people. I am VERY pleased about this new turn of events.

9. No one puked on the way to the lake, yippeeee! Can we hope for the same on the way home? Indeed we hope to!

10. There is nothing and I mean NOTHING. Like being on vacation. No phones, no cell phones, no interruptions, no messages, no time constraints, no having to be somewhere at a particular time. There is nothing like vacation.


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