Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Quiet Weekend

It's been quiet around here. My kids went camping to High River, AB, with my Mum & Dad this weekend. The weather has been AMAZING, they couldn't have ordered it up any better. Last night, I had some girlfriends over to scrapbook. It was a bit of a bust though, because Stephanie and I were hard at work on our NYC t-shirts, and nothing was working out right! It was one of THOSE kind of nights. So I'm afraid we didn't get in the good quality chatting we would have normally. Sorry girls. Barry was in his own element of as good as it gets, he golfed late yesterday afternoon and last night. A night out with the boys.

We got up this morning, after a delightful and uninterrupted sleep in. Again, Barry went golfing, and I had the house to myself. [It just seems so quiet, when it's for longer than a few hours]Stephanie and I managed to solve our t-shirt problems. There'll be an unveiling here, shortly after our 'official' unveiling. They turned out super cute. I'm sure our group will wear them proudly. Like I mentioned in a previous post, we've come a LONG WAY from fabric paint and foam stamps.

It's hard to believe that this trip to NYC, that as a group we've been talking about for years, is actually a mere week and a half away. I'm SO excited! We've got so many things planned, and we've got so much to try and cram into a week. I just KNOW we're only going to scratch the surface. I am trying to figure out what clothes to wear, and what to bring. I hate bringing too much stuff. I also hate not having enough. I feel more anxious about what to bring for a wk in NYC than I did for 2 wks in Greece. Of course, there I KNEW the weather would be warm. I'm not so sure what we'll get in NY.

Any way, I'm going to do some more scrapping. I've kind of taken over the kitchen table. How dreamy!

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