Friday, September 18, 2009

Travel Bound

Where has this past week gone? Seriously. A month ago I was looking forward to getting back into the September swing of things. Here I am, SMACK-DAB in the middle of September, wondering why I thought that...

Busy, busy, busy. I forgot how busy things are on a weekly basis. Gone are the lazy days of summer. And, Miss Maddy G is in preschool now, so aside from getting the boy to school daily, I have to ferry her back and forth to preschool 3x a week as well. Whew... Today was the first day that I actually came home after dropping her off, and enjoyed my quiet house.

Why so busy? Well, the main reason is this... 4 more sleeps until NYC!! Whoop-whoop. The whoops are just coming out now, I don't know when or where they might happen. And I'm starting to get that silly perma-smile more and more. It usually starts to happen when a conversation like this or something similar occurs:

Maddy/Macy: "Mummy, can we please have chicken pieces and fries for dinner?"
Me: "Sure we can."
Maddy/Macy: "Awesome I want LOTS"
Me: "I'm NOT giving you lots, I'm only giving you 4 each" [ this is EXACTLY when the tears start... because Miss Thing wants LOTS... she's starving to death don't you know]. So I give in and put a dozen on the baking sheet, just to quiet the situation down.
Then - at supper. Mace took a bite and said "these don't taste real good" [to which I took a bite and didn't totally disagree, but C'mon! already. It's chicken nuggets, how bad can they be?] Then Maddy took 3 bites and said "I'm full". [Just to bring you up to speed, her 3 little bites, don't even amount to ONE chicken nugget...]

Barry starts to lose his cool at the table, and I begin to grin that silly grin... 4 more sleeps...

I held our last clothing club here at my house on Wednesday night. I had 11 of the 13 women traveling to NYC. We unveiled our shirts, which I think are dandy. I will have to post a picture of it within the next day or two. By the way, did I mention that in 4 sleeps I'm heading here... Seriously, click on that, and follow the link. We'll be doing almost EVERYTHING listed there, and then some. And we're staying here.... Dreamy. We have an itinerary that would knock your socks off. We've got shopping to do, sights to see, Broadway tickets to use, restaurant reservations to make, we've got lists, maps, ideas and we've got 7 days to do it in...

I have a feeling I'm going to come back home not quite as well rested as one might hope. (Just kidding. I KNOW this is not going to be a restful drinks at the poolside bar, type of holiday.) But I have a week off of.... are you ready for it?

I have a week off of lunch making, breakfast preparation, dinner making (THAT in itself will be such a treat) karate classes, Beavers, dance classes, preschool 3x a week, after school bus pick up. I don't have to bath anyone. I don't have to brush any teeth. I don't have to pick out clothes for kids to wear. I don't have to cut up any food, but my own. I don't have to break up fights. I don't have to bribe kids to bed, or negotiate a bedtime snack... I have a week off... Oh - and I get to travel on an airplane BY MYSELF. And guess what, IF I feel the need to vomit, I know how to take charge of the situation! WHOOP-WHOOP!

See, they're just slipping out, just like that... And just so you know, that silly grin is plastered all over my face, right now!

Oh - and some exciting news... I have a guest blogger... Isn't that mysterious. Watch for that post coming shortly...

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