Wednesday, September 9, 2009

1st Day of Preschool

"I wonder if Daddy’s going to come with us, to take me to the bus stop…"

That’s the question Madelyn asked me, mere moments before we left for preschool. That’s right, preschool. It’s her first day, and I knew in that instant, that she was going to be disappointed, right off the bat. This is what it means to have an older sibling riding the bus to school every day.
Today is the day we’ve talked up so much, had so much hype about, and eagerly anticipated. Little Miss Maddy G started preschool today. Last night, I went through her closet, and picked out 2 outfits. (One outfit was for a chillier day, the other for a nice day) I came home from an appt first thing this morning to find she’d dressed herself, and the ‘school’ clothes were nowhere to be found. This is what I’m wearing Mummy, I picked it out myself. (I was thankful that she picked an outfit that matched) So she attended her first day of preschool, in the outfit SHE chose, not me. (Having said that, she was dressed pretty darn cute. Just a tad more summer-y than I would have gone) But what the heck, we only have a 4 month-long hiatus from winter, we might as well utilize the summer outfits while we can! So this is what she looked like, her first day of preschool. Then I began to think about Mason’s first day of preschool. That WASN’T actually 4 years ago was it? But it was. I’m sure you’re wondering, with baited breath, “did she cry?” (Meaning me, of course, the mother) and sorry to disappoint, but: NOPE. Neither of us cried. I wondered briefly if the tears would come, but they didn't. I was definitely feeling a bit nostalgic, and in complete horror that she’s old enough for preschool, but the tears abated.

Here she is, trying her hardest NOT to smile. She ran all the way up to her school, she was so excited.
She came home today with this craft. They read the Kissing Hand. She had a smooch stamped on to her hand and exclaimed “I LOVE PRESCHOOL, do I get to go every day?” So I would say it was a success. (She even did well when she found out we were walking to school, and not waiting for the bus)
So here we begin, another era. Once these kids get into school, there's no turning back. I can't believe she's here already. I'm really glad it's only 3x a week.

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