Friday, March 13, 2009

Another little sickie...

First one, then the other. I have only a mere 6 years and 9 months experience at this relatively new job of ‘parenting’, but I have learned a few things. When you have more than one child, it is highly un-likely for one to get sick and the other not to. That said, now it’s Madelyn's turn. Thankfully it’s just the dreadful sinus cold that both Mason and I have had. I say just, not because it's been pleasant to be around her (it hasn't) and not because she’s not coughing and dripping with snot (she is). But if you remember, Mason had the flu a few wks ago, and threw up every 30 minutes, for nearly 24 full hours. So this is JUST a cold. We can deal with snot and coughing, it’s the throw up-ing that is a bit hard to endure. She had a couple of jammie days this week. In this particular picture, she actually fell asleep on the couch, in the middle of the afternoon, while watching a movie. This is something that is COMPLETELY unheard of in this house. When she woke up, she was SO MAD that she’d fallen asleep, that at first I actually wasn’t sure the 2 hours of quiet had been worth it… But I quickly realized, OF COURSE it had been worth it. I’m still bigger than she is! She can get as mad as she wants, I can still send her to her room. I'm the boss of her, not the other way around! I hope we’re out of the ‘bugs’ now, as both kids have each had 2 colds, and Mason, the flu, within the past month. I’m thinking we’re good until next year for sure!

For dinner I made this wonderful cheese bread, recipe out of….[drum roll please] Best of Bridge, called Chili Cheese Bread. It was yummy, and I had the smart idea, to bake it in 2 smaller loaf pans, rather than one big loaf pan. Guess what that means?! I have another one in the freezer! Yay! I also made a big ole crock pot of Tortellini soup. It too was de-lish, Bar and I quite happily ate it 2 nights in a row; I stashed the rest in the freezer for a future dinner. Who knows, perhaps I’ll challenge myself to a different recipe once a week, and blog that! I was looking through one of my cookbooks the other day and Mason said, “Oh great, you’re going to try something new aren’t you?” He said that less than enthusiastically of course. My sweet darling children, who love my meals ever so much... I don’t take it personally though, its food in general that they dislike.

And FINALLY, after 3 months of wiggling, we lost our first tooth! He left a note for the tooth fairy, because he wanted to save his first tooth. (she obliged of course) I thought it was him wanting to keep it because he simply wanted to keep it. But when Barry asked him why he wanted to keep it, he said “Because I want Mummy to have it”… Man I love that kid. Both actually. Count my lucky stars every day. Even when they're crabby. (Even when I'm crabby)

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