Friday, January 9, 2009

Quiet in the House

Ahhh, we're back to normal again. The Christmas break is very much needed, but after 2 wks of hard-core playing, games, battles, constant spittle, screaming, running, chasing, xboxing, imaginary play, role playing, and morphing into a multitude of different characters, it was delight to have school start up again this week.
And wow, is the house ever quiet. One child does not make as much noise, nor as much mess as two.
We started our week out by skating at our neighborhood pond on Sunday. Madelyn was the key behind this, she is SO excited to learn to skate. At first, once she got on the ice there were a few tears, but after a few minutes, and a home-made skate trainer, she was all smiles and grins. In fact, the majority of the tears happened, when we finally got her back on the bench, to put her boots back on, she was enjoying it THAT much. Mason did great too, this just might be our first successful year of skating. I took some great pictures of the 2 of them, but again, can't seem to get the card reader working on my computer. Such a bummer. Barry did get it to work, so I was able to download some Christmas photos, but now I want to take off these skating pictures, and no way. I am obviously not holding my tongue right.
We made it through our first week. We've got a slightly new and improved routine in the morning, which seemed to work out great for us this week. Let's hope it carries us through to the end of June. When the alarm goes off in the morning, I'm trying to incorporate my word into the equation. [choice] I'm only one week in, can't say how the next 5 1/2 months will go. Now, if I could just get exercise into my routine. Then I'll be on my way, to choosing a better lifestyle. It's hard to believe that a mere 4 months ago Barry and I walked our way around Greece for 2 wks, up and down, stairs, mountains, monuments, walking tours, etc. Now I'm huffing and puffing when I get to the 2nd floor of my house. Thankfully the body is resilient. I'll get there.
I'm going to figure out this chip reader, and hopefully be able to post some great skating pictures! Until then, we're into our first weekend.

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