Sunday, January 25, 2009

It's Sunday Night

The kids are tucked away in bed, and we're enjoying a few hours of quiet, before the week starts up again. I've got clothes out ready for Mason to wear to school tomorrow, his agenda is signed and in his back pack, and his lunch is mostly made on the counter. The coffee pot is ready for 7 am, and the kitchen is clean, things are good.

I have been spending a lot of time working on scrapbook projects lately, trying to catch up a few things that are 'nearly done'. It's funny how they get away from you, and yet you flip them open, and you're taken right back to that time period. I did a class at Big Picture Scrapbooks last year (well, one of 3 classes actually, and I loved each and every one) The one I'm trying to catch up on was called Have More Fun, by Stacy Julian, and it ran from July 1st through to the end of September. It was great, so many different ideas, and things to take you out of your comfort zone. I had so much fun, and I loved the challenges/projects (and there were many). I did great, kept on track for the most part, but fell behind a bit for the last project of the course called 30 days Hath September. This project had us keeping track of things I/we did for the entire month. It was even more special, because Barry and I were in Greece in September, celebrating our 10th Wedding Anniversary (gasp) Just flipping through the things I've done, and seeing with what trepidation I entered into September with (Mason starting Grade One, Madelyn starting a gymnastics class, Beavers, and our trip to Greece) it's fun to look back after the fact and see how smoothly things did actually go... And it's amazing how quickly a word, a date or a sentence can so quickly take you back to memory you didn't realize was hidden. It made me realize why I love to scrapbook so much. I am the story teller of my family, and I LOVE telling stories! The good the bad and the ugly... Our life. It's awesome.

Us, at the Acropolis in Athens, the day before we headed home, so rested and happy.

Enjoying lunch, in Santorini, on our anniversary. (Notice the exotic food Bar is trying...)

First night of Beavers, isn't he the cutest little kit...

The first day of gymnastics that I took her to, Ama had taken her while we were away.

1st day of school, pretty self-explanatory...

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