Monday, January 12, 2009

Got some pictures!

I guess you just have to be patient, and get someone to watch over your shoulder as you try to load pictures onto the computer, while complaining that it's not working for you. That is the key to success! Here's some fun skating shots, taken from last weekend.

Ahhhh, a little rest

"Leave me alone, don't help me, I can do this..." A few things we heard from Mad.

My - I look just like a natural for sure...

What a great Dad, and what a determined little girl!

Mason's going to do great this year, he was so much more confident on his skates.

Maddy didn't want to share the skate trainer with her brother, there were only tears 2 times during this outing. Once when Mason tried to use HER skate trainer, and when we were trying to convince her it was time to go! She wasn't ready to be finished skating!

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