Friday, July 28, 2017

PL2017 - Week 18 and Random Movie Talk

So far, I haven't scrapped into the wee hours, as I'd expected to. 

I haven't quite caught up on projects I wanted to catch up on...

Our computer is in the same room as our big TV. And it would seem, that this is the summer that Mason is on a mission watch EVERY movie series possible. So far he's watched in there entirety:
  • Harry Potter [all]
  • Star Wars [all] for I'm sure, the thousandth time...
  • Jason Bourne [all]
  • Jurassic Park [all]
  • Every movie that has to do with a super hero [Thor/Spiderman/Iron Man/Avengers etc]
[I'm sure there are more movies than this, these are just the ones I know for sure he's watched]

It seems that the louder the movie is, the better the viewing experience. So, while he's watching movies until the wee hours, I go somewhere else, where it's quieter. Also, I'm  pretty big talker, but these days, I don't seem to be a 'up until the wee hours' kind a girl... 

Also, I've been to see two movies in the theatre this summer! TWO TIMES! What?! Unheard of. Granted they've both been movies the boys wanted to see but they were above a G or Disney rating...

We saw Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2. It was okay. That's my rating. Okay. Let's face it, Chris Pratt is pretty easy on the eyes. I love Groot of course, he kind of steals the show. I constantly listened to Rocket, to try and hear Bradley Cooper... I had tried to encourage Madelyn to watch the first movie, so she could join us for the second, but she wouldn't budge. As it turned out,  I was glad Madelyn chose not to join us, it did get a little bit dark. [Remember, she likes Disney movies...] 
The movie soundtrack was pretty good. Especially the opening scenes, with Groot dancing around to Mr. Blue Sky [ELO] I challenge you to listen to that song without dancing... We've been listening to that soundtrack here, pretty much on repeat. It's Mason's new favourite. Which is pretty funny, because the majority of the songs on the soundtrack are from the 70's. Literally. 

We also saw Spiderman Homecoming. This was a movie I could get on board with. I really liked it. 
I have seen all the spiderman movies over the years. I watched Toby Maguire get bitten by a spider. I loved Kirsten Dunst at M.J. I enjoyed watching Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker, and Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy. Now, yet another version. This time, I loved Tom Holland as Peter Parker. He actually looked like a high school student. When we were driving home, I said the only thing I thought about the movie, was Peter seemed like a bit of a scaredy cat.. And Mason said "Mum...  He was a kid my age, don't you think I'd be scared?" Well played Mace, well played. 

Very exciting that we're in July, and I've been to the theatre two times already. I'd still like to see Wonder Woman. I need to make the boys come see that with me. 

Movies aside, here is week 18 of my project life album. 

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