Sunday, July 16, 2017

July Template Freebie

This months template, is such a cool design. 

I have come to love clean lines and a minimalistic approach. I laugh at how my likes have changed over the years. This template can be found by clicking here, through the month of July only, get it while you can.

I love the short bullet-like descriptions. This was the perfect layout to document a weekend camping trip we'd taken to Two Jack Lake in Banff National Park. 

This trip just ended up being the 3 of us. Barry, Mason and myself. Madelyn decided at the last minute to attend the last Girl Guide camp of the season. It was nice to spend quality time alone with Mace. We obviously don't get the chance to spend one-on-one time with our kids very often. 

We booked this campsite back in January. When I booked, this was the only weekend available, with two nights in a row. I'm not even kidding. Booking a campsite for June, in January. Who knows what you're going to get weather wise. 

As it turned out, we couldn't have been more lucky with the weather. Someone was obviously looking down on us kindly. 

I'd heard many things about Two Jack Lake. Seen so many pictures posted on different forms of social media. The location and lake itself, is absolutely stunning. How can it not be really, with the mountains in the background of every picture. 

The campground however... Well, it was like camping in a parking lot. Been there, done that.  We don't need to camp there again. I'm glad we went, but once is enough. 

The following Sahlin Studio Product was used: 

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