Friday, March 10, 2017

PL2017 - Week 5

It's March 10th, but you'd never know it.

Wait a minute, that's not exactly true. If you gauge spring by the fact that the days are getting lighter, earlier every morning, and staying lighter, later every evening; you might think to yourself, spring is imminent. 

However, if your were to gauge spring by our current weather, the snow which seems never-ending. The frigid temperatures which are being called unusual and 'January-like'. Yesterdays day time high was -19 degrees. With the windchill, it was closer to -30 degrees. Come on, already. It rained basically our entire summer. We've certainly had our share of snow and cold this winter. I am ready for some nice weather. Pretty please.

Here is week 5 of my project life album:

  • Grade 6, first and last COP ski days with school. I'm joking about it being the first and last a little bit. The week before the lessons, it was really warm, a lot of snow got slushy and melted. Then it got super cold. The snow turned to ice. Enough said. The first day out, of this 2 day program [which has never been done at the school since my kids have gone there] there were 4 fractures. Not even kidding. 3 broken wrists and 1 broken arm... 
  • Cookie Panookie. Used my brand new cast iron skillet, and made this giant cookie. Two thumbs up. 
  • Where my little dog likes to be. All. The. Time. 
  • Good Hair day. They don't happen every day. 
  • Documenting Miss Madelyn in the penalty box, in Rockyford. Mason was working the box, so he had to let his sister in and out. 
  • The boy playing hockey. He's had a great year, even though the team hasn't done awesome.
  • Student-led conferences at school. Miss Madelyn always excited to show off her work. 
Currently, hoping that the weather warms up. It would be nice to have temperatures that match the fact that we're moving towards longer days and warmer weather. Fingers crossed. 

The following Sahlin Studio product was used: 

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