Wednesday, March 1, 2017

PL2016 - September Overview

September is always a busy month. This year was no different.

Not only do we get shockingly back to early mornings, and school routines. All the extra curricular activities start up again. This year, Madelyn's first ringette evaluation, was the same day she started school. We go from the lazy days of summer, to the hectic days that are the school year. 

This September, Mason also went on the Grade 9 West Coast Sailing Trip to add yet another element of the unexpected into the mix.

Here is a brief overview of September: 

Close up of the left side:

  • Barry was best man at his friends wedding. A huge job, which required a bachelor 'weekend of golf' in Banff, a rehearsal dinner and the huge responsibility of shuttling the groom around on his wedding day, and NOT losing wedding rings... Thankfully he managed the task on point. 
  • Mason - off to the West Coast... Eeks. There is something a bit nerve-wracking about sending your kid to the airport, by himself, for the first time. The sailing trip was a huge success. He had a great time, and will be doing chores/house work for us, until he leaves home. 
  • Overnight for the kids and Grandma & Grandpa's, while we did 'wedding things'.
  • Ringette party, where Mad got stuck in a swing... 
  • So far, our fall has been exquisite. The colours have been amazing. Enjoying as much time outside as we can. 

 Close up of the right side:

  • Celebrating Barry's birthday! 
  • More time outside, walking the dog, and enjoying time together.
  • Date lunch with my Grade 6 girl.
  • I can't describe how excited I was to see my boy walk through the gates at the airport, after being gone for 5 days... He on the other hand, was being silly, and refused to smile nicely for a photo. 
  • Sweet peas... In full bloom, and loving the sight and smell.
  • When Mason was in Grade 6, 3 years ago, Madelyn said to me "I hope you don't expect me to be a patrol when I'm in Grade 6. I'm just not interested" It's funny that 3 years later, being a patrol is a right of passage. She tried out at the end of Grade 5, and has taken her roll as patrol, very seriously. 
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