Friday, February 5, 2016

February Template Freebie

Right now, for the month of February, you can download this template freebie from Sahlin Studio.

The reason I love templates is very simple, really.

They're super FAST.

I don't have to put any thought into the set up of my own layout. I do enjoy creating layouts. I spend a lot of time, tinkering and trying different positionings [is that even a word?] I wouldn't say I'm super fast at it. It probably takes me just as long to create a digital layout, as it does to create a paper layout. It's a good thing I love doing it so much. I guess that's why, getting a template is so much fun.
The layout is already done for me. Instead, I get to focus on:

- What story I want to remember/tell. 
- What photos I want to use, to do the storytelling.
- What paper/elements/journal cards etc, will help me do that the best.

This Christmas break, we made our 3rd trip out to Kananaskis between Christmas and New Year's for a little getaway. This one was our best ski trips. The kids are both at such an awesome age.

I see families on the hill with tiny, tiny kids, and sometimes I think we should have started sooner. But we didn't, and you can't constantly live with 'should haves'.

The important thing is we did start. Barry and I were reminded just exactly how much we enjoy this winter sport. It's something that we can enjoy together as a family. All the quad chairs make it a family experience for sure. We go up as a foursome, and come down as a foursome.

Now, our only problem is, trying to fit in some ski days between hockey and ringette games and practices. That's not quite as easy as you think.

Following Sahlin Studio Product Used:

PS I Love You - Elements
PS I Love You - Journal Cards
PS I Love you - Paper

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