Tuesday, February 9, 2016

December Daily - 2015

**Warning - This is a very photo heavy post.

Consider yourself warned.

I finally finished my December Daily album.

This year it felt painful.

I wasn't prepared ahead of time like I have been in the past. Next year, I need to re-read this post.

BE PREPARED... Get things ready. Have foundation pages created. Buy a proper book.

I'm finally comfortable in my own scrapbooking skin. Which means, I'm okay with MY stuff. There will always be people out there, in blogland and pintetest. [ESPECIALLY on pinterest] People who's work I admire, and gravitate towards. I've finally stopped caring that my albums don't look like somebody else's.

Having said that, I completely 'winged it' this year. Which, from experience, I do NOT recommend.

I used an old 6x6 album I had lying around. I thought getting page protectors for it would be easy. WRONG. Turns out, no one seems to be selling 6x6 sized page protectors any more. Major bummer. I have always enjoyed using lots of different sized page protectors. Next year I will most likely buy a December Daily Album. Who am I kidding, next year I will most likely buy Ali Edwards December Daily Album. Love that girl.

I bought myself a FUSE tool, from We Are Memory Keepers. Since I couldn't find 6x6 page protectors to buy, I had to get a little bit creative. I waited until I was able to purchase it with a 50% off coupon at Michael's. [Merry Christmas to me] I used it quite a bit, but I'm not totally sold. I like it, but I don't know if I love it...

That being said, it allowed me to buy standard page protectors [I got mine from Staples] and cut them down and create my own page protectors.

So, with a huge sigh of relief, here's my 2015 December Daily book.


There are some pages I love. There are some pages I don't love. But I'm finished. It's put away for another year. Next year, when re-reading this post [because my intention is to PREPARE IN ADVANCE for my December Daily album] I will also be reminded, to TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES. Even if I don't feel like it. Because I'm totally bummed out with the lack of photos I have. [Even though I said it was okay... And it is...] I'm still wishing I'd had a few more pictures to choose from.

I used the following Sahlin Studio product for this album:

Project Mouse Christmas [dec '13 release]
Making Spirits Bright [nov '14 release]
Joy - MPM Add on's [dec 14 release]
Mad for Plaid [nov '15 release]
Number stamps [nov '15 release]

Other product used:

Sara Gleason - MPM Add on - Arboretum Joy [dec '14 release]
Sara Gleason - MPM Add on - Joy Word Art [dec '14 release]
Stolen Moment Designs - MPM Add on - Joyful Papers [dec '14 release]
Stolen Moment Designs - MPM Add on - Joyful Elements [dec '14 release]

I also used papers and elements that I had in my stash. 

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