Thursday, March 26, 2015

Oven Update and PL2015 Weeks 6 & 7

The new oven arrived. And was installed. It wasn't quite as simple as taking it out of the box and removing plastic of course. Is it ever? There was at least one trip to the hardware store involved. There was a jigsaw involved. There was the 'shaving down' of the existing wood involved. But it's in now, its working. And we made our first brownie. The kids are ecstatic. I'm ecstatic. Everyone is happy and the crock pot has been put away for a little while.

Onto some Project Life Pages.

Week 6:

Winter came back this week. We've had an unseasonably warm winter, so it's hard to complain when we actually get some snow, but I do... Thankfully it didn't stick around for long. Girl Guides did a Yoga night at the local Ivivva Athletica store. My sweet girl has never been too interested in fashion and names, and going to a shop like that certainly made me grateful. The boys went on a scout camp, so we had a girls weekend, and I finally watched Frozen. Can you believe that was my first time watching it? Loved it. Miss Libby watching her girl build a snowman out front. Playing Star Wars Monopoly. I'm such a debbie-downer when it comes to game playing, but if you can get me to do it, I usually end up having fun.

Week 7:

Barry at work in his office. I tend to focus more on the kids and myself in our album. [Of course, every vacation we've taken since the kids were with us, looks like it was just him and the kids, as I'm always behind the camera] I'm making a more conscious effort to have shots of him sprinkled throughout the book. Grade 4's to the Olympic Oval to learn to Speed Skate. Boys cleaning up dishes in the kitchen. An invite to the worlds largest coffee date. Photo shoot of Lisa's baby belly. This was one of my favourite photos.  Valentine's flowers. And a sad little ditty about an oven breaking down.

Sahlin Studio Product Used:

Week 6:

Charmed - Sampler Kit
4x6 - Photo Template Layouts
3x4 - Photo Template Layouts

Week 7:

Hello - Sampler Kit

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