Thursday, March 5, 2015

Meal Ideas...

So. Our oven died. It died on the 14th of February. It worked fine the night before, and then when I went to use it the next morning and... Nothing. Nada. Over. Done. Died.

I was pretty bummed out, I had planned on making these Ranch Roasted Chick Peas. I'd opened and 'shelled' 2 tins of chick peas, and THEN realized I couldn't 'roast' them. I could have salvaged them, made hummus. I contemplated that for a couple of weeks, and recently, just threw them all away. Sadly, the chick peas were on their way out. Past the point of no return if you will. I just wanted to try those roasted chick peas.

Since our oven died on Valentine's Day. I wasn't able to make a brownie for my family. Which was what they had requested. The only thing they wanted. It was kind of devastating around here. For my family. Me too if I'm being honest... I don't know that I've ever turned down dessert.

We did go shopping, and found and bought a new oven. Which will be here on the 18th of March. Once it's here and installed [fingers crossed] it will be 3 days short of 5 weeks. Without an oven.

Because naturally, there were no ovens available and it had to be special ordered. Of course it did. Because it's a smaller sized oven. Not the norm.

So here I am, 3 weeks into having no oven. And I'm tired of my crock pot. And my kids are tired of my crock pot. And then it got cold, so grilling food outside quickly became a chore. And though the toaster oven on our counter can do chicken pieces and pizzas, it doesn't do great with 'meat'.

And then, I got a book from the library, that I'd reserved months ago... This one: Sally's Baking Addiciton, and everything in that book looks so yummy, but I can't make anything. And suddenly, I have an overwhelming urge to just 'bake stuff'.

So poor me...

Yesterday I was 2 weeks away from getting my new oven.

I can't wait.

Oh. I just remembered, I have a WOK. I haven't used that yet!

Can you say Stir fry...

That's what the next week will consist of!

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