Wednesday, April 8, 2015

PL2015 - Week 8

We have had an awesome winter. And by that, I mean, hardly any snow.

I'm very grateful. I don't mind the snow, but I would definitely prefer if it stayed just west of the city.

Our Easter weekend was slightly dismal. It snowed on and off, and the days were grey, but it's pretty hard to complain after the winter we've had.

Any way, here is week 8 of my project life album: 

This week, the grade 4's hosted an assembly. They learned the song safe and sound, by Capital Cities and sang it to us. Miss Madelyn was part of the dance group. Boys played a hockey game at the big ice at COP [where Team Canada plays/practices] It was pretty cool. They won the game, and therefore won every one of their games. On to city finals! A shot of our new oven, which had to be ordered. And we picked black, not stainless. A ringette practice. Flying kites at Nose Hill. Libby loves having all of us out on a walk.

Sahlin Studio Product Used:

Charmed Sample Pack

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