Saturday, December 20, 2014

December Daily - Days 11, 12, 13 and 14

Last weekend was hectic.

Like ridiculously busy.

Both kids were in tournaments. Mason was in a hockey tournament that we were hosting. And let me just say, hosting a tournament is a LOT OF WORK. Don't be fooled. Your weekend will be a blur. So much time volunteering. The worst part of it is, you don't even get to see your kid play a game. Because you're doing stuff. Hence the reason I do not have a single picture of Mason all weekend long. But it's okay. It's over now. I lived to tell the tale.

Madelyn was in a ringette tourney in a nearby town. We were not hosting. I got to see all of her games. Hence the pictures of her.

But first, before the tournaments began, my walking girls had a brunch/coffee get together. It was delightful. 

Day 11:

Then, onto the weekend...

Day 12:

Madelyn played goalie, for the first time ever. And she found out about it when we arrived at the rink. Which was the perfect way for her to find out about it. Had she known beforehand, she would have fret about it all night long.

In ringette, you play tourneys DURING THE DAY on the Friday. Unusual, but we went with the flow.  She had her first game at 8:15 am, so she played, and then we took her back to school.

The back of day 12, is a full page of the first 12 days of Calvin. He is still a rascal. 

Day 13:

Journaling explains the story. We had a ringette game, which was around the same time as one of Mason's hockey games. All Madelyn's grandparents came to watch her play. Then we went to my in-laws for dinner. The boys came out and met us.

Day 14:

I was able to watch Mason's last game. It was a close game, and the teams were evenly matched, but sadly the other team won. I did get a few photos of the medals being handed out.

Products used in these layouts:

Day 11

 Add on's for the MPM - December Joy collection

Day 12

Add on's for the MPM - December Joy collection
Sahlin Studio -  Making Spirits Bright - number bits and cards
Sahlin Studio - MPM - Joy Add on - Photo Overlays - Christmas No. 1

Day 13

Add on's for the MPM - December Joy collection. 
Sahlin Studio - Project Mouse Christmas [2013]

Day 14

Add on's for the MPM - December Joy collection.

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