Friday, December 5, 2014

December Daily - Day 4

Still managing to keep up! Last night Mason's scout group went sledding. We're a couple of days away from a full moon. [I think it's full this Saturday] I dropped him off and took a few photos with my iphone, which were terrible. I brought my Nikon with me to pick him up and took a few photos. Love sledding at night, it adds just a little bit more excitement to the adventure. Mace even let me take a few photos quite willingly. They didn't turn out super. I had to crank the ISO way up. But I captured the cluster of kids, some of them sledding, a house with it's Christmas lights on, and the nearly full moon. I'm pretty happy with the photo. It's kind of dark and moody, and was very similar to the actual conditions.

What you don't see in the picture though, is my chattering teeth. Although we were very lucky, I think it was only -5° Celsius. Almost balmy after last weeks freezing temps.

For this page I used the Making Spirits Bright collection, from Sahlin Studio.


Tori Anderson said...

Love the tape with the stitch above the journaling!

Candy M said...

Thank You!