Saturday, December 22, 2012

Nearly Finished!

Wowser... Only 2 more weeks of Project Life left! I did it! I can't believe it! And I'M STILL LOVING IT...

I have also been working on my December Daily album. I wasn't sure how to incorporate both. I ended up focusing on different stories of the day. I have kept up with my December Daily, in that I've printed off pictures for every day, but it will be a project ready to go... I have jotted down notes for each day, so I can go back and fill things in after Christmas... This year, I was very intrigued by Ali's format, was very simplistic. It was a 6x4 album. Next year, I'm definitely simplifying. Especially if I am also in the process of doing PL.

Which... leads me to this next tidbit. I am totally planning on doing a PL book for 2013. In fact, I signed up for this class by Studio Calico. Although I've hesitated a little bit about this, I KNOW I want to continue to capture the every day little things, that life is about. My kids love looking through these books [I have split the year into 2 - 12x12 binders] I have a very poor collection of pictures in photo albums since Madelyn was born, and I went strictly to digital pictures. Because once you go away from film, I could take 30 pictures of the same thing, and pick out my favourite, rather than take 36 pictures, and hope one or two were awesome.  This has totally forced me to print pictures, and capture stories. I encourage you to check out the link above... The class is $29 and they show a list of the digital files you get access to. [That alone, seems worth the cost of the class]

I created this whole book this year, with the intention of getting back to 'paper scrapbooking' but pretty much the entire album was done digitally. I suspect I'll do the same type of format next year. I will play it by ear, and see how it goes. I'd like to incorporate a little bit more of cutting and pasting into next years album.

With less than two weeks left of 2012, it's been a challenge at times, to keep everything together, but I have totally loved this. You just have to plug away, do what you can, and jot down notes. That is totally critical. There are any number of ways you can do that. I have a notebook dedicated to PL, where I jot down file names and notes. [so that once they're printed off, I know what order they go into the page insets] Marcy Penner has a freebie file in her shop that you can download. You can find that here. The main thing to do is keep track. Also, I think I'll try a new app on my iphone next year called, my365. One flaw [and there aren't many] that the iphone has, the pictures you take aren't dated. So if you think you'll remember which day a picture was taken, you won't. I'm speaking from experience here. I think this app will help, though I'm not totally sure, but I think it will at least keep track of the dates pictures are taken. That might eliminate some of the note taking, because a picture speaks 1000 words, right? Any way... I'll do some research.

Another huge time saver I discovered this year, was in the App PicFrame. Which might have been free. I can't remember. It gives you the ability to save your pictures, into whatever frames you want, in a 4x6 size. So when you save it to your camera roll, it's ready to print. No fussing, or mussing. No sizing or guessing. You just send the file to your developer and voila. Love that, and I've used that feature a ton. PicFrame allows you to add words to photos, which is nifty. I also have an app called Skitch, that you can journal on photos, add arrows, blur a portion of the photo, add boxes around photos and crop. I haven't used this as much as I thought I would, but it's still fun to fiddle with. Do it. Don't be afraid. I promise you won't regret it.

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