Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hello Twenty Thirteen

There are going to be some changes coming this way. On this blog. I feel like I need to re-vamp/re-style/re-do. I want to simplify. I want to make things easier, not daunting. I need to sort it out in my head a little bit first, and then it'll make it's way here, to this space. 

I feel like I didn't blog totally the way I wanted to in 2012. There were too many days between posts. There were too many things left unsaid. There was too much that happened, that didn't get touched  on. Now having said that, I COMPLETED MY PROJECT LIFE BOOK! [I just sent weeks 51 & 52 off to be printed tonight. I send my pictures to Costco, it's cheap and there's a quick turn around. I see a lot of the Project Lifer's out there that a majority of them print their pictures at home. I would like to, but when I print pictures at home, the quality just never seems quite as nice as an actual photograph, like the ones I get from Costco] I went sideways there, sorry. As I was saying, I have captured many things in my Project Life album, little snippets here and there, but I do like to have my blog as a place to 'record' stuff.

I sometimes think I'm a little over the top... With all this documenting life stuff. Tonight, after his hockey game, Mason told me that I was always embarrassing him... To 'stop with all the pictures already'. And I want to respect his wishes, but I just don't think I can. I don't go ANYWHERE without my camera or iphone/camera. I don't let a minute slip past without snapping a picture... I explained to him that I'm capturing the moments that he enjoys sitting on the couch and flipping through. He got very quiet [because this kid goes through my scrap book albums, ALL THE TIME. He knows pictures are an important part of the process] I hope he comes around, and will continue not to be bothered by my incessant need to take photos. [Fingers crossed]

In my last blog post, I touched on the fact that I was going to continue on with Project Life and planned to carry on into 2013. I am so excited to do so. I am working on my title page now. I've already got 2 days under my belt.

I plan on sharing my layouts a little bit better this year.

I have also chosen a word for 2013. It is: ACTiON

My word for 2012 was completely insignificant last year. I realized that, when I couldn't remember the word I had chosen [which ended up being Renew] I think I thought about it fleetingly last December, picked it and promptly forgot about it.

This is a word that gets me excited about what twenty thirteen has in store for me. I need to step up and out of my comfortable little place. This word fits with every aspect of my life right now, and I hope that come this time next year, I don't have to go back to the archives and look up what this years word was. 

Here's a picture from the hockey game tonight, of Madelyn and Baba [my Dad] Madelyn hasn't got onto the 'taking pictures embarrasses me' kick yet, but it's only a matter of time. She is a little monkey do after all...

Thank you to my devoted Mum and Dad, who have come to nearly every. single. game. Back in September and October, you came to more practices than you should ever have had to... It's so great that you come and support Mason like you do. It's so neat to be able to watch how far Mason has come since he first started in the fall, with you. It's nice to have a warm bodies to sit close to, since his Dad is on the bench with the kids. It's nice that Ama's purse is full of never-ending things, for bored Madelyn. It's even fun to threaten kids from the other teams [under our breath of course] together. You guys are awesome.

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