Sunday, January 10, 2016

PL2015 - Weeks 42, 43, 44, 45 & 46

I'm almost caught up and finished my project life album for 2015.

It feels so good to be done.

I wonder on occasion, if I should continue doing this, then I look back at past albums and realize, yes of course I should. I will.

What seems trivial and mundane, every day, is a memory I can go back to each time I pick up a past book. Photos accompanied with a little bit of documenting, I've discovered that I can go RIGHT BACK, to a particular moment.  One thing creating these albums has done, it's made me realize just how quickly time goes by. The days, the years... It's a whirlwind, for sure.

When Mason was a baby, before digital cameras, I estimate I took a roll of film every month, maybe a roll ever two months. I have 2 or 3 photo albums of baby Mason. When Madelyn came along, I got my first digital camera... Rather than 24 photos a month, or 2 months, I took hundreds of pictures... Well, the poor girl has never made it to photo albums. Don't get me wrong. I have scrapbooks, and baby pages, milestones recorded. What I don't have is the candid photos of her those first few years. Well, I have them... Just not in albums.

I love photos. I love photography. I love memories. This documenting a year at a time thing is totally my jam. I'm still loving the format of one page per week, rather than a two page spread. I plan to continue on with this style of memory keeping.

I plan to look back and be grateful for all the every day stuff that I've captured. Stuff that you forget about. That seems mundane at the time.

Here are weeks 42 through 46 for your viewing pleasure:

Week 42:

This week we were still enjoying our awesome fall. I Sahlin Studio Mad for Plaid line. It's designed to be a Christmas kit. I'm looking forward to using it for Christmas too! Libby tolerates being picked up, but doesn't love it. Peace Bridge lit up at night. Early morning practice and breakfast. 

Week 43:

I love the long shadows of me and Libby going for a walk after the kids are off to school. The results of our Federal Election. My girl doing her safety buddy thing at school. Lunch with some mom friends. A fantastic glimpse of our chinook arch. Sisters at their brothers hockey games.

Week 44:

The week leading up to and including Halloween.

Week 45:

A Girl Guide outing to see R. L. Stine's Goosebumps movie. Back-to-back ringette games. Coffee and hockey [the two go hand-in-hand] Barry and Libby. He has yet to admit it, but he LOVES this little dog..

Week 46:

Remembrance Day assembly at Mad's school.  Christmas decorations up, already... Siblings on the couch. A veteran food drive with Guides. Ringette practice. Terror attack in Paris.

Following Sahlin Studio Product Used:

Week 42
Mad for Plaid - Elements
Mad for Plaid - Journal Cards
Mad for Plaid - Paper

Week 43
P.S. I Love You - Elements
P.S. I Love You - Paper
Acrylic Arrows

Week 44
Project Mouse - Halloween Elements
Project Mouse - Halloween Journal Cards
Templates - 4x6 Vol. 1

Week 45
 Celebrate - Papers
Celebrate - Elements
Celebrate - Journal Cards

Week 46
Worth a Thousand Words - Elements
Worth a Thousand Words - Journal Cards

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