Monday, January 4, 2016

Our Mountain Getaway

We went away for a few days. To the mountains. We got in some skiing and enjoyed some long awaited down time. I sat in the lobby one morning, drinking my coffee, waiting for my family to wake up and join me. While sitting there, I realized something.

I was enjoying the crackle of a fire in the fireplace. I watched as guests came down for breakfast. Early morning skiers headed for the hill. People dressed warmly headed out for a morning walk in the mountains, breathing in that fresh mountain air. As a blend of late 80's music was being piped through the lobby (which indeed made me feel right at home) I realized that one of the things that was making this moment serene and enjoyable was the fact that there was no gigantic TV. 

Everywhere we go these days, everywhere, we are assaulted with TV. It no longer matters where you are, we can't get away from the TV. Sadly, we all turn into zombies, staring at whatever trash we're being shown. We can't seem to help it. We just look and stare.

I for one, am definitely alarmed about this. The generation of kids growing up now, can't seem to be idle. They simply can't. And let's face it, there are many times in our life that we need to be idle. To just be. I think one of the greatest things we can teach our kids, is how to just 'be'.

I'm not saying that my family is the exception. I'm not saying that we are exempt from screens. I wish we were, but we're not. We try to limit 'screen time' in our house. We do great for a little while and then slowly things slip. More and more time gets spent playing video games or watching TV shows of pure rubbish. But we do try.

And having said that, I too have become accustomed to this technology at my fingertips. My phone or iPad. I have to remember sometimes that the rules apply to me as well. I need to just be idle sometimes.

Or read a book. Made from paper. With pages that turn.

But I have to say, it was lovely to enjoy a few days in the mountains with very little distractions.

The lovely wood burning, fireplace, in the lobby of our hotel. Love the snap and pop of the real wood burning.

 Little Miss, Nose-in-a-Book. When she's reading, she's almost in another world.

And here's my teenager... And he does have his device with him. But I didn't get a photo of him just hanging out, and didn't want him to be too left out.

 Playing checkers with my girl. Not sure that we were doing it right, but we were having fun.

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