Sunday, August 30, 2015

PL2015 - Weeks 23 & 24

Today is Sunday. The last Sunday of summer. Part of me is relieved, because the fighting and boredom busters are killing me. But part of me is dreading September 1st, because that means we're back at it. Hugely back at it.

Madelyn's first ringette evaluation is September 1st, the same day school starts. Mason has free skates on Thursday and Friday. I think their evaluations start after the long weekend, which has something to do with quadrant hockey. If I understood all that mumbo-jumbo correctly. With ringette, I'm signed up for 8 volunteer sessions, from Sept 3rd - 18th... Which, fingers crossed, will give me my 8 hours of mandatory volunteer commitment, which is something that happens BEFORE you even get placed on a team. Once you have a team, there are volunteer commitments as well. Crikey.

So, this means that with Madelyn's evaluations, and Mason's evaluations and 8 hours of 'off-ice, but IN the rink' volunteer times, most of my September will be spent in, on, or near an arena...

So yeah, I'm dreaming of next June...

It's my favourite.

Any way, don't mean to be Debbie-Downer. Poor me, I know, I know. It's just that we've had the most amazing winter/spring/summer that I can remember, and I'm dreading being cold. Time to dust off the Uggs and toques. Time to find fleece and wool socks. So I can stay cozy...

Suddenly the pictures in my header are more realistic after all!

Here are weeks 23 & 24 of my project life book:

Week 23:

These photos go back to June! Eeks! A before photo of our house, with the blue spruce tree. [We've had it removed] A grade 4 field trip to Nose Hill. The weather was absolutely perfect. Little miss, reading. My chives blooming like crazy. Celebrating National Donut Day. A wine spritzer with some blueberries for garnish.

Week 24:

The sun is starting to get warmer, and it's lasting longer. Sports day at the school. Getting ready for braces... Madelyn trying out to be a 'safety buddy' at school. Barry catching a catnap on the couch with the dog. [Tree was removed, so the sun now streams in] The Dateline Rock 'n Roll crew at school, they put on an amazing show. Celebrating Ama's Birthday.

Sahlin Studio Product Used:

Week 23

Acrylic Arrows
Documentary - Elements

Week 24 

Drift Away - Elements
Drift Away - Journal Cards

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