Tuesday, August 18, 2015

PL2015 - Week 22

We decided to come back from our vacation.

Well, we didn't exactly decide to come back. We only had 2 weeks booked at our little cabin.   And after 2 weeks in a teeny-tiny little cabin, our house seems like a mansion. We can all be in the house together, and not be falling over each other. It's delightful.

This week the kids are at camp.

I planned that right. This Mumma gets a little bit of quiet time. It too, has been delightful. What isn't quite as pleasant however, is the 7 am wake up and 7:45 departure. That's tough after 7 weeks of leisurely wake ups. I'm thankful we still have one more week to sleep in. And then we'll be right back into the thick of it.

The thick of it, which includes, school starting, Scouts, Girl Guides, hockey and ringette evaluations. Extra curricular activities [for Junior high that is]

At least this fall I have an idea what's in store for us from September through November. Last year, I just about turtled...You know, on the ground, in my shell. [Arms, legs, head, all tucked inside. Like a turtle]  From the shock of our hectic schedule. This year I know what's coming.

I have two more weeks of the pace I long for... Not going to take it lightly.

Here's week 22 of my project life album:

This week: I went on another field trip with the Grade 7's, this time to the Tyrrell Museum. We spent more time on the bus to and from the museum, than at the museum itself. Even with that, the kids rated this the "BEST FIELD TRIP EVER".  Checking out the Peace Bridge on a downtown walk. I also joined an instameet, which was a HUGE step out of my comfort zone. It was really cool to meet a group of people who love to take pictures the same way I do. I was quite prepared to go on future meets, but my schedule hasn't worked out for a single one since. Hoping that changes for August's meet. Took a day trip out to Lake Minnewanka. We hiked about 11 km return. We went to the look out point that the scouts had gone to. We even brought Libby with us. She did really good. We took Madelyn to the Humane Society, she had collected $$ in lieu of presents for her birthday. Pretty proud of this girl.

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