Friday, September 11, 2015

PL2015 - Week 25

My outdated computer is beginning to give me some grief.

In the world of instant and now, I hate to wait. I hate to watch that little circle, circling round and round, and everything being ever so slow. Isn't it funny, how far we've come? When I was first introduced to the 'internet' we marveled at how we could get information to appear, right in front of us! In a matter of minutes.

Now, if it's not doing what I want, in a matter of seconds, I'm frustrated.

This morning it took me 40 minutes to load my pages to different websites. 40 minutes... That is cray-cray. It should have been done in 5.

Without any more waiting, or circles, [hopefully] here is week 25:

Week 25 puts us back to the middle of June.

A road trip with my Mum, to check out the Highwood Pass. It had just opened, and there were hardly any cars. There was hardly anyone period. Would definitely aim to do this drive again in June. Or September. So much better without hoards of people. We had a Jurassic Park fail. Madelyn wanted to see it, but it proved to be too much. Chatting with Barry via face-time. We've done this a handful of times, and I'm still startled to see people out in public, walking down the mall, face-timing someone... It's just weird. A picture of Bar and his kids on Father's Day.

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